Small Crafty Pod



 Expands to 112cm wide
 Folds to 28cm for easy storage
 Easy wipe fabric
 Water-resistant material
 6 storage pockets
 Includes FREE Messy Mat!

Discover newfound fun, indoors and outdoors.
Happy child > Happy Parent

Crafty pods can be used in a lots of different ways from Painting, Den building, Play dough, Block building and even Baking! 
You will now get our newest launching product included in your order!
To clean them simply pop in the WASHING MACHINE!!
That's right they go in the washing machine!!



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SMALL -  W 112CM H 41CM Ideal for 1/2 small children or 1 child 4+ (apartments, smaller living arrangements)

MEDIUM - W 143CM H 41CM Ideal for 2 older -3 younger children (larger apartment, house, average living space)

LARGE - W 175CM H 45CM Ideal 3 children 4 years + - 5 younger children (child minding, class setting, larger living space someone who has plenty of space
ideal for adults to join in)